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1. Dues and slip rental fees are to be paid in full by April 1 each year. Slips not paid in full each year by this date shall be considered available to other applicants. This includes boat slips, sunfish racks, pram racks, dolly space, lockers.
2. Slip assignments will be made at the discretion of the Dockmaster, depending on the boat length and width. This may result in an assignment of a Club member’s boat to a slip different from the slip occupied the previous year. Applicants for slips must provide boat length and width on application; new dock tenants must provide copy of boat registration.
3. Each boat owner will receive a HBC decal that must be placed on the boat so decal is visible from the dock, as directed by the Dockmaster.
4. Boat slips may not be modified by the addition of catwalks, ladders, etc., without the prior approval by the Dockmaster.
5. Boats shall be moored in a safe and proper manner to prevent damage to dock and to adjacent boats. The Dockmaster has the authority to require a Club member to modify their mooring arrangement. Refusal to comply may subject the boat owner to suspension of docking privileges without reimbursement.

6. Boat owners bear the responsibility to protect their boat in the event of an impending storm. The Club bears no responsibility for resulting damages.
7. The Club is not responsible or liable for the damages or theft of the owner’s boat or any gear on board boat. The boat owner is responsible for obtaining appropriate insurance.8. The immediate area of the dock is a “no wake” zone of 300 feet. Excessive speed, reckless or careless operation of a craft in a “no wake” zone will not be tolerated. This may result in suspension of docking and/or launching privileges without reimbursement.
9. Boat owners agree not to store boat and/or trailer on Club property.
10. Jet skis within 300 feet of dock must be operated at a slow speed with no wake (see #8).
11. Boat slips may not be sublet; slips may not be loaned to other people.
12. There shall be no swimming in or near boat slips.
13. There shall be no diving off any part of the dock.
14. All watercraft (motorboats, sailboats, dinghies, kayaks, jet skis, etc.) launched from the Club property must display either a current HBC launching or boat owner’s decal.